How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance

There are many car insurers available and it can be confusing knowing who to go to in order to get the best deal. Most of them claim that they have advantages over others and even that they will be the cheapest and so it can be really confusing knowing which might be the right place to go with. They cannot all be the cheapest and the best and obviously we need to make sure that we get the cover that is right for us. There are ways that we can research though to help.

Comparison website

There are many comparison websites out there and they can seem really useful. You can put in your details and they will generate you a number of quite from different insurers in order from cheapest to dearest and you are able to pick between them. This can be a very quick way of comparing a group of insurers but it does have its draw backs. Firstly, it will not include all insurers. There are some that will be missed out. This is because some will only deal directly with customers and do not appear on comparison websites. Others may not pay any or much commission to comparison websites so they will not include them because they will not benefit from them. You are also taking a risk that the comparison is not like for like and once you go to that insurer you will see that you need to add on various things to the policy to make it usable and they actually end up getting dearer. One way to get a better cross section is to look at a selection of different comparison websites but you will still not get to see all insurers this way. It can be useful though as you will get an idea of what you might have to pay and of some of the different possible insurers that you can choose from.


Using a broker can be better as you will be able to discuss your requirements with them and hopefully it will mean that they will be better able to match a policy to your needs and make sure that the price they are quoting you actually covers the features you need. However, they will also be limited in the companies they will compare. They will also get commission, so that could be a factor and they will not be able to recommend those companies that only go direct.

Independent financial advisor

Independent financial advisors charge for their service, so it is really only worth using one if you feel that they can save you more money than you will spend on them. It will really depend on how much your insurance costs and how much you feel you can potentially save as to whether this will be the case. They will be unbiased and will be able to look across the whole market even those that are not on comparison websites so this will be better than a broker or comparison website and it will save you a lot of work compared with doing it for yourself. If you cannot save much though, it will probably be cheaper just to stick with your current insurer.

Own research

You can do your own research and this is easier with the Internet. You can search for insurers and get quotes and compare them yourself. It will take time though, but if you use some comparison websites then you will get some information and then go to others directly you should get a good idea of what is available. It will take some time but will give you a better idea of what is available and it could mean that you will end up with a cheaper policy.

It can be tempting to stick with your current insurer, particularly if they offer benefits like loyalty discounts. However, it is really wise to make sure that you properly compare them as you may find that you are still paying more if you stick with them, compared with other insurers. You may feel that you want to go with a well-known company as you trust them. However, just because a company has an advertising budget does not mean they are any more trustworthy. It is better to look at reviews and make up your mind form that, rather than thinking just about whether they are well-known. Smaller insurers need the business more and so there is a chance that they will be better. Asking family and friends can also help you to find out more about different insurers and what options you might have. They might be able to recommend an insurer as well as perhaps advising you on who to avoid which could be very handy. They will have no reason for bias and will have your best interests at heart which should help too.

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